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What is available now.
Energy Healing is available by appointment and also the absent healing program. (Also available by skype and phone).

Also please check out the 'anti aging' section which covers energised platelet rich plasma therapy, PRP, but this process is not just for anti aging, is also used in health issues for illnesses where such therapy with platelet healing can be very effective close to areas of concern. The effects of this and the effect of healing on live platelets to boost immune response has been been seen by doctors and scientists under the microscope in many treatments and trials. Future treatments look promising for many people. How the platelets get energised by my healing is unknown and it is so far unique to me, but scientists have put it down to quantum physics and string theory as there is no real explanation what is going on, but the results can be seen by eye and the treatment results exceed most normal forms of prp.

Healing, and energy healing are many things and the use of the power of positive channelling through higher energies into the body are aimed specifically to work on the immune system as well as the areas of concern. Healing is not a quick fix or miracle cure for serious ongoing conditions, but It can and has been in certain circumstances, usually a course of treatment is needed if we are dealing with bigger problems.. Healing builds up over a few weeks before your body starts to see benefit. For long standing on going serious illness you may need to be repeating this.
I always try where ever practical to work in conjunction with having any necessary scans and blood tests with doctors to monitor your progress, don't be disappointed if you don't get instant results, sometimes its maintaining a status quo, and without healing things would get worse. However the immune system healing does continue to signal around the body for weeks afterwards. Serious conditions obviously do need more healing. You will have to make your own decisions about healing as this will not be forced on you in any way. You have to go by your own instincts, use your observations about whether your health has improved in conjunction with your doctors tests.

There is ordinary hi energy healing and also prp healing on the blood now. This can be here at a clinic or done remotely, for example remote healing on prp samples have shown improvement in distance trials as far away from my location as Spain, South Africa and America. (A paper on this is available). The healing has equal effect at distance. There are many variables here that are impossible to keep a check on, ie other treatments the patients does , behaviour patterns and attitude. When i am working with people doing a course of treatments I ask that they do not have any healing's from other people for a few weeks at least, Different energies effect the body and its has happened on more than one occasion that I have built up a persons energies to show a real improvement then the person has gone back to square one after healing from someone else but this can be rectified if it happens.

Once the healing has gone into the body you have to work with this not expect the healer to take responsibility for what happens, A healer wants you to be well that is why they are a healer .You have to do your part to by working with that energy that you would not normally have its like putting coins in the electric meter. Often healing and visualisation techniques away from your normal environment in a very simple quiet environment in Spain can help from many angles. Its all about healing being available to help your body help itself. Its all about positive healthy thoughts. There are no negative thoughts or conversations allowed in the room where I work.

You have already had the diagnosis, or the assessment, now you have the worst road given you and this is all about another journey. If we think you are not going to get well you will not, I have to think positive thoughts that you are going to get well, along with you, or we might at well both give up. Please don't ask me if you are getting worse or going to live or die we are not in that dimension. That decision is made elsewhere.

When I am working with you I give you all the help I can, when your time with me is finished I have to regenerate myself. This is not like a hospital or your doctors. In emergencies you phone your doctors or hospital. There is not a twenty four hour support team here. If you think you are having a heart attack you ring the ambulance, If you fall over and think you have broken your leg you phone ambulance. Be sensible about this and take responsibility for yourself this is part of you getting well and getting mentally strong

When you leave you will have your visualisation techniques to work with, your cd if you wish to use it, the healing energies are with you to help your immune system to cope, you are better with me and the source than without it.

When I used to do the life readings for people, they are still available, one person could have as many as five different futures, mostly depending on the way they behaved. There are certain things that are going to happen to us depending on the deck of cards we were dealt at birth, things we have to learn, its how we handle the deck of cards that counts.

I am not able to take the place of doctors and specialist to take any responsibility with this condition. All I can do is help you with healing and positive thinking. Also healing the immune system to help your body to help yourself. Not tell you if your cancer is growing or gone. With one in three people now being diagnosed with Cancer in a lifetime it's a minefield. Cancer can go into remission on its own, It can change very quickly from pre cancerous cells to fast moving cancer, in as little as three months,

There are so many variables with Cancer from my point of view I have for the last five years been saying whatever is going on there if you need healing and you take responsibility for going the complimentary route yourself, we don't mention the word cancer change of cell whether its asleep or awake, anymore than that is a negative, sometimes when people have been adamant they do not want to the orthodox route, they have to be realistic if the complimentary side is not winning they have to keep their feet in both camps, I never tell anyone they are cured or not cured I tell people to go back to their doctor, I cannot take this responsibility on my own especially over the phone.

Healing is all I can offer you, in conjunction with blood tests saliva test hormone tests and scans in conjunction with your own doctors and specialist. I thought I had made the service I was offering clear obvious but the questions I keep getting asked shows I have not made this clear enough.

No one can promise to heal you. I cannot promise you a cure. neither can any doctor or specialist If you read in any media that indicates otherwise it is not correct. We know there is healing 'energy' but how can you actually see this energy being used. In scientific testing, actual measurements of my healing energy were taken at the Tokyo Denki University in 1994 by Prof. Machi. Professor Machi is an electronics professor and also a trustee of the Denki University he has years of experience testing such phenomena and unseen energies. You can follow the links from the site home page to see all this information along with pictures and a written paper produced by Prof Machi, this is also translated.

Patients can be helped from both conventional methods and healing working together. Patients get the best possible this way, I am satisfied only when the effects of healing have a solid and quantifiable outcome. Usually when it is shown by improvement and tests to prove result. So basically the new pioneering methods that I have been working on over the last five years, my own observations are that healing the immune system telepathically working with the blood shows that healing has an effect on not just the physical body but the whole mind body and soul.

Your body works with this and yes improvements of whatever situation you are in takes place, everything comes up a key, sometimes this is enough for the body to then to continue healing itself, sometimes in terminally ill conditions it enables someone to pass over peacefully and pain free. We are all dying its part of the journey no one can stop that but they can make it easier for that soul to pass over in a beautiful way rather than in fear. If you are looking for that spiritual input wherever you are in the journey this is your place to come, if you are looking to put all the responsibility of your health and well being directly on me and expect to escape the journey, this is not the place for you to come.

Circle Healing Groups
Healing Circles mind body and soul upliftment.
I am helping people to reach the place where I go to so people can visualise their illness or negative thoughts outside their bodies , with a combination of relaxation techniques and visualisation techniques. The negative energies are taken out of the room away from your auras, and replaced by positive ones. These circles have a lot of energies in them and people have reported upliftment in all areas of their life not just the physical body but the whole mind body and Soul have done these in London and America..

Absent Healing Program
Apart from appointments, there is a free absent healing program on every Monday evening at 8.10pm to 8.30pm (ALWAYS UK TIME).. All you have to do is sit quietly think about me, the health or other problems you are having and visualise them dissipating. You just have to be open to the healing energies, let them flow and be open to all possibilities. This group healing is run on voluntary donations. All one to one appointments are based on set donations.

Charity Work & Pro-Bono Healing
I have spent many uncounted hours over the years in critical situations healing people, sick children, plus working on missing people, children and animals, and mostly for total strangers without charge. I still work with children, partly on a donation system or bartering system where the parents help me with their skills. I also still work with missing children, but all this is subject to availability,
I have to restrict myself due to other commitments but do what I can. There is no backup charity is available to assist when bill need to be paid so initially please ask your friends and relatives and think of fund raising events to help fund your situation, before you ask me.



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